Customer Configuration, Pricing and Contract Administration Manager

About the job

Central Job Functions:

  • Process design and implementation for tasks ranging from customer on-boarding to commission and GPO fee payments
  • Understand various inputs affecting customer set-up
  • Understand pricing strategies of organization with respect to various customer and product groups.
  • Understand the relationship between customer volume commitments, organization supply commitments and production planning
  • Understand the lead-times between production finish and product availability
  • Communicate to customers, salesteam and other leadership roles areas of concern related to any of the above.
  • Understand ERP capabilities and limitations with respect to above. Leverage ERP capabilities where it makes sense and challenge limitations when the downstream impact is significant and work arounds are not sustainable.

Daily Tasks May Include:

  • Customer Set Up in AX
    • While this task should be managed by other individuals, this role will need deep understanding of this task and willingness to perform this tasks during peak needs.
  • Leverage ERP to facilitate visibility and execution of contract terms and organizational commitments to the customer.
  • Customer Communication.
  • Communication with Sales team members.
  • Monitoring and reporting compliance with contract details.
    • Pricing, shipping, volumes
  • Analyzing pricing tiers for consistency with organizational strategy.
  • Review of customer contract term dates and annual pricing methodology to trigger changes to customer pricing records. (Annual price review initiation – partnering with sales for execution)
  • Correction pricing and other configuration as necessary.
  • Communication with CSR team when unique situations need their attention.
  • Partnering with the sales team to creatively solve Sales’ needs for customization with Production’s and Fulfillment’s needs for standardization.


Set yourself apart

You possess the following qualifications, background and abilities:

  • 6 years’ experience in manufacturing sales support roles with exposure to tiered pricing, committed volumes, and large customer groups.
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Ability to engage with individuals across the organization and present a professional image to our customers.
  • Excel proficiency – moderate or above
  • ERP proficiency – moderate or above
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Math, Finance, Marketing, or Business Administration is preferred.

What’s on offer?

Fagron offers exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth, which supports and encourages you to develop your skills and talents. Be part of a collaborative culture that rewards you with competitive compensation, an extensive benefits package and a truly open and dynamic work environment.

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