Quality Sanitation Technician

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About the Job

Plan, direct and control daily and nightly cleaning activities to meet Fagron Sterile Services GMP standards in accordance with SOPs.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Keep up to date on all SOP's and training, including Garb qualifications
  • ​​Keep up with daily/weekly/monthly cleaning of all Aseptic areas
  • Communicate with EM and Production to prioritize areas to be cleaned, in order to not interfere with production activities
  • Keep Sanitation closet stocked with all required cleaning agents and supplies to do the job properly (bottled water, LPH, Decon-Clean, Decon-Spore,Decon-Quat, 70% IPA, Syringes, Needles, etc.)
  • Keep up with documentation of all cleaning, solution prep forms, and any other required documentation (bring them out and turn them in to QA to be reviewed as each page gets full, or at the end of each week)
  • Keep ISO7 gowning rooms fully stocked with proper Aseptic garb (masks, hoods, gowns, boots, goggles, gloves)
  • Keep gowning rooms stocked with ISO8 garb (hair nets, beard covers, masks, boot covers, nitrile and latex gloves, lab coats, safety glasses)
  • Keep gowning areas stocked with consumable items such as: bottled 70% IPA, dry sterile wipes, sterile trash bags, etc.
  • Remove/replace trash bags in all aseptic gowning areas, as well as dispensing, glass washing, sanitation closet, and any other area as needed (if trash bags are leaking, or leaving any liquid behind on the floors, please clean this up as it is a safety hazard.)
  • When cleaning aseptic areas, leave every area set up in the same manner as it was in when you first entered, unless instructed otherwise, i.e. rack moved back into pass through after cleaning, component storage racks and trash cans left in their respective fill rooms, etc. (if you do not have the equipment needed to complete your job, please make a request for said equipment through your supervisor/manager instead of taking from other departments or areas)
  • Keep wipe down and dispensing in an orderly, organized fashion. Stock daily use items as needed (70% IPA bottles, dry sterile wipes, trash bags, sanitizers, etc.)
  • Stock locker rooms with garb
  • Dispose of dirty garb and slicks to be returned to Aramark
  • Other duties as assigned


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Set Yourself Apart: Profile/Experiences

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Oral Communication Skills (English)
  • Reading Skills
  • Math Aptitude
  • Organization Time Management
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds; anything over 50 pounds will require a team lift
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