Mobile App Developer

Over de functie

Fagron is the global market leader in pharmaceutical medicine, and its products are sold to more than 200,000 customers in over 60 countries.

Our goal is “together we create the future of personalizing medicine”.

Sounds awesome, but what does it mean? We cater to the patients’ journey towards prevention and personalization of treatments. In order to do that we need to understand the blueprint of your body and that blueprint is stored in your DNA.

We have a high-tech lab, where we analyse DNA snippets. Based on that analysis we understand your blueprint and can help with personal nutrition and medicine. We are currenty selling this product succesfully worldwide and now we are ready for the next step.

That is where you come in as a Medior Mobile Developer. We want to bring the product to the next phase. By making it completely digital.

The outcome of the alogrithms analysis therefore must be available in a easy, clean (think Apple) and sophisticated format altereable by patient and doctor, connected to CRM, and MarTech solutions. The possibilities are endless and the solution will be a strong product in the future Fagron portfolio. So strong that we are not only looking for you to develop the (react) native app but that it will be your ‘masterpiece’ and own it like a product owner if you will.

We did the hard part, building the DNA sequencing lab and creating the algorithm. Now we want you to create the equally hard part, creating a framework to display the results for patient and doctor.

You are not alone you will be backed by a team of engineers, scientists, graphic designers and obviously our IT team working on Microsoft Dynamics 365 where you will tap into CRM and Martech (API’s).

Your responsibilities:

  • Developing our Fagron Genomics native app. Building the framework, connecting the algorithm and utilising and building API’s.
  • Support in UX/UI and work closely with the graphic designer and lab engineers to create the best possible customer centric solution for the future.
  • Integrate with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 architecture utilising Azure and its available API’s.
  • Make it future proof and widely accessible via Azure API for FHIR to enable rapid exchange of data through Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.
  • And obviously working in an Agile way using (Jira).

Maak het verschil

This vision is not for the faint hearted, if you think you match the below qualifications let us know, we would really like to talk with you:

  • 3+ years of demonstrable experience in app development
  • Demonstrable portfolio of released applications on the App store or the Android market
  • Extensive knowledge of at least one programming language like Swift and Java
  • Familiarity with OOP design principles
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs
  • Superior analytical skills with a good problem-solving attitude
  • Ability to perform in a team environment
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to interpret and follow technical plans
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