Pharmacy Technician

Over de functie

• Conducting the final accuracy check for prescriptions that have been clinically checked by a pharmacist
• Ensure that all patient and prescriber specifications such as allergy status, base preference, flavours are considered during clinical checks and compounding.
• Ensure all legal, safe & ethical decision-making pathways have been adhered to in the pharmacy
• Delivering efficient dispensary operations and ensures dispensing losses are minimised
• Work efficiently and according to GPhC guidelines and SP Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) day to day.
• Assist answering patient/prescriber queries if in your competence area or refer to Pharmacist as required
• Ensure confidentiality of patient and SP is maintained as required by the Data Protection Act
• Work closely with the Chief Pharmacist / Head of Pharmacy & Production to identify the root cause analysis and adopt the correct reflective measures when dealing with a near miss / dispensing error to help improve professional and pharmacy practise
• Being confident in providing accurate, technical expert knowledge on the accurate supply of the medicines we dispense and services.
• Strive to deliver and maintain turnaround times of production as per the company’s key performance indicators.
• Observe the Safety at Work Act 1974 regulations and ensure compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations protecting staff and the general public.
•Ensure all compounded preparations have undergone Quality assurance by the Senior Pharmacist – Operations and Quality Assurance.
• Uphold and comply with non-sterile compounding standards stated in the EU Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Laboratory Practice, Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary, British Pharmacopeia, Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia standards and the United States Pharmacopeia.
• Assist in training new dispensary staff ensuring all adhere to, champion and maintain all standards and ensuring all training and staff validation records are kept up-to-date and revised constantly as dispensary processes are being updated.
• Report and assist in investigation of all dispensary non-conformance and discuss findings in team meetings.
•Maintain a culture of no-blame, transparency and a continuous learning from non-conformances amongst production staff.
•Action the planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programme for all laboratory equipment, compounding hardware and software, laboratory fixtures e.g. Air Handling Unit and portable appliance testing.
• Ability to follow instructions methodically with excellent attention to detail.
• Ability to work as well as problem solve and action change effectively with minimum supervision.
• Basic computer skills essential with adaptability to using different PMR systems
• Flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of SP, e.g. accommodating for part time / shifts would be required
• GPhC-registered Accuracy checking Technician
• Knowledge of hormones is desirable
• Up to date and comprehensive CPD record
• Good communication skills required for interacting with doctors, patients, colleagues Experience of working in a multi-disciplinary setting

Maak het verschil

•Participate in all risk assessments of all dispensary equipment and processes.
• Together with the Pharmacists, strive to continuously improve the service by producing, gathering and implementing initiatives using the change control process including methods of compounding, automation of process and any other process/safety initiatives.
• Assist the Pharmacists in building IT user requirement specifications for improving the use of the compounding software to adhere to the latest regulatory/good practice measures.
• Participate in compounding duties as practicable.
• Participate in dispensary duties including labelling, packaging and dispensing when required
• Strive to continuously develop dispensers and technicians and promote good team work across all areas of the pharmacy service (Patient Care Team, Dispensary, Pharmacist Team and Production).
• Assist in good stock management which includes:
• Constant communication with the production lead to follow up on orders placed/pending
• Effective stock rotation process is in place including expiry checks.
•Effective API waste management – ensuring wastage is kept to a minimum
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