What we do

Our strategy is to ‘optimize and innovate personalized pharmaceutical care’. We support prescribers and pharmacists in enhancing medication compliance and help to improve the lives of patients every day. Fagron develops innovative concepts, products and formulas to meet the specific needs and wishes of compounding pharmacies, prescribers and patients in 60 countries. We are active in the following segments:

PharmaServicesFagron Compounding Services

Fagron Compounding Services: Personalized medication that is prepared in Fagron’s sterile and non-sterile compounding facilities in Europe, North America, Latin America and South Africa.


TrademarksFagron Brands

Fagron brands are innovative concepts, vehicles and formulations for pharmaceutical compounding that are developed by Fagron, often in close cooperation with prescribers, pharmacies and universities.


EssentialsFagron Essentials

Fagron Essentials: Pharmaceutical raw materials, equipment and supplies that pharmacists need to work with and prepare in the pharmacy.


Some pharmacists want to personally prepare personalized pharmaceutical products. Others would like to be supported during this process with innovative concepts, vehicles and formulations. In certain situations, however, pharmacists are not always able to compound personalized products themselves due to time, equipment or facility constraints. No matter what situation, Fagron strives to meet the needs of pharmacists with expert advice and tailored solutions.