Stage: Introductie van medispendin nieuwe marktsegmenten

About the job

Fagron Belgium wants to enlarge their Fagron Brand 'MediSpend' by introducing it into new market segments. MediSpend has already been introduced to (hospital) pharmacists and prescribers, which are Fagron's main focus. Fagron Belgium belives that MediSpend has a much larger potential.
The goal of this internship is to investigate currently unknown market segments and to create a complete, documented and detailed business plan to successfully introduce MediSpend into these market segments.

Set yourself apart

You possess the following qualifications, background and abilities:

You are a student in a Medical, Scientific or Economical field.

You are looking for an internship of 12 weeks or more. Or are looking for an in-company project.

What’s on offer?

Fagron offers an internship of 12 weeks or more. We provide an open and truly dynamic environment which supports and encourages you to develop your skills and talents.

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