QC Sample Lab Administrator

About the job

The QC Lab Sample Administrator is responsible for the logistics associated with the operation of the Quality Control Labs at Fagron Sterile Services. This position focuses on:

  • Inventory Administration: monitoring adequate supply of consumable testing materials, communicating with Procurement and tracking high-priority orders. Must be able to forecast inventory needs.
  • Sample Tracking and Management: from receipt to COA issuance. This includes monitoring missing and additional samples, BUD studies, method validation sample requests, as well as communicating testing order priority. Scheduling of testing for specific study time points as needed.
  • Continuous Improvement Projects: participate in the implementation of electronic system for sample and results tracking. Must maintain knowledge of current system and suggest improvements.
  • Maintain working knowledge about general testing requirements and product characteristics to support generic information inquiries.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Enters sample information into data systems (e.g. LIMS) for tracking and assignment purposes.

• Manage samples, storage and data entry for in-house BUD studies

• Fill out raw data sheets and build report documents for client purposes.

• Send interdepartmental updates on testing and final reports.

• Report to the lab director or designee when the director is not available.

• Responsible for delivering compliant laboratory information in accordance with appropriate regulatory, corporate, and lab procedures.

• Assist with the sample materials testing program including receipt and results data management.

• Write and review policies and procedures as necessary to support laboratory operations.

• Helps track, maintain, and schedule samples for testing in the laboratory.

• Clock in and out for every shift in a timely manner.

Set yourself apart


• High school diploma or equivalent.

• Experience working within GMP standards

• Experience in compounding or pharmaceutical processing is preferred.

• Experience working with analytical testing labs.

• Experience working with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) and have the ability to create and manage a spreadsheet.

• Technical analytical ability, and decisive judgment.

• Willingness to be hands-on learner.

• Self-motivated with a strong work ethic and ability to work well in a team.

• Strong attention to detail.

• Willingness to expand responsibilities as opportunities arise, be adaptable in supporting lab staff as needed.


What’s on offer?

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