REC Trainer

About the job


The primary responsibility of the REC Trainer is to prepare Staging staff for the process of equipment and supplies for entry into the cleanroom and adhering to proper aseptic technique. Teaching personnel to work with the warehouse and prepare items listed on the bills of material for production batches. Training Coordinators in how to maneuver through AX successfully and accurately to keep inventory in control. Batch work and scheduling to meet Fagron sales, how to enter into the system and release in a timely manner in next day preps.

Role Responsibilities:

  • · Manage Material and Equipment entry into the cleanroom
  • · Ensure supplies entering cleanroom align with Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • · Removing outer packaging from incoming goods
  • · Sanitize materials destined for the cleanroom
  • · Don proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and gowning as required.
  • · Performing inventory counts
  • · Informing supervisors of problems that may arise
  • · Stocking the cleanroom with supplies and chemicals
  • · Ensuring that strict procedures are used in and around the cleanroom facility
  • · Cleaning of the general shipping and receiving area.
  • · Have strong working knowledge of AX
  • Have strong working knowledge of the cleanroom
  • Train coordinators in above tasks
  • Train staging support in above tasks
  • Complete TCPs for new staff working close with the training department.
  • Support coordinators/staging support during down time

Set yourself apart


  • Capable of lifting up to 50 pounds, standing for extended periods of time and shall have no allergies to chemicals that might be used during compounding.
  • High School diploma or equivalent

What’s on offer?

We offer a dynamic environment where talent and ambition can develop to its fullest. We have an open and informal organization culture, where individuals need to have strong motivation and ability to work independently. Fagron is a widely expanding, international, professional, and ambitious pharmaceutical company with multiple growth opportunities. Job opportunity includes competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, performance package, and ability to be part of an international leader in an expanding industry.

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